Image Building

Where do I even begin with this one? I just have to say one thing before I spill my heart out. I like to look nice, get my hair done with the latest style, dress with the current fashions, etc. I’m not saying don’t spend time on grooming yourself or that you shouldn’t dress nice. What I am saying is we women have become obsessed with our images.
When it comes to our appearances as women the world sets a pretty high bar on what’s considered beautiful. It’s a sale’s gimmick. Our flaws have been made out to be their platform on which they sell their products/services. Let’s take breast augmentation for example.
To promote products and services for “image building” companies must also set a higher than usual standard on beauty. The companies are not going to come right out and say, “small breast are so yesterday,bigger is better.” But that indeed is what they are saying as well as bigger is not just better but more beautiful.” These companies use the women that fell hook, line and sinker for their spiel, by using them to share their stories. In doing so other women that watch the advertisement will feel their own inadequacies and follow suit. Women influence other women, period! Are we going to let the world continue to tell us what is beautiful? Or are we going to tell the world we are already beautiful the way the Lord made us?
A big point I’m trying to make here is you are beautiful the way you are. No need for plastic to replace unique and real. Don’t get me wrong, if your eyebrows need waxed or tweezed, please do so there is no need for the uni-brow or caterpillars crawling across your face, Amen? Just don’t go to extremes that give a temporary fix for the inadequacies you feel. Something else to consider- Maybe it’s just me but if a company has to subject a person to feeling less than beautiful the way they are to sell their product, then something tells me maybe, just maybe, it won’t be good for me in the long run. And it’s true in the end it leaves you feeling worse than when you started.


The Deceived

We women are deceived whether you want to admit it or not. Television shows with high ratings show women in a negative light. My teenage daughter was drawn in to watch some of these shows. They show women as wild, arrogant, flighty,uneducated,trashy,vulgar,sexually immoral,money hungry etc. If you are not sure what I’m talking about just watch one of the new reality shows on television and see for yourself. I believe we women have been deceived into doing Satan’s dirty work for him. So many of us women are constantly caught up in gossip and scandalous slander. Everything we do flows from the heart and all this reflects is the poor condition in which women’s hearts are in.  Not everyone parades themselves in pornography,X-rated magazines, X-rated bars and night clubs,flirting, adultery etc, but just because you are not part of this type of deception does not mean you are not deceived. There are many area’s in which we women are deceived but I’d like to touch on Gossip/Sexual Immorality in this blog.

Women were given beautiful bodies for their husbands. Sex has been made out to be dirty and talks with our children become more and more difficult. Sex was created for your spouses it was made to be a beautiful thing but like I said it has become infiltrated with filth.  I’m a woman and from my 13th birthday on I’ve felt like a sex object. It’s gotten so bad men don’t know any other way to respond to a woman other than to ogle them. Not all obviously, but a majority. And with each passing generation it gets worse and worse. I may upset the women’s liberation movement, but hey if this is what being liberated means, I don’t want any part of it. I’m not feminist by any sense of the word. I believe in assuming the roles God gave us and stop trying to change His design. I’m fed up with seeing women disgrace themselves. The green stuff talks- anymore- your dignity is for sale-name your price. It’s also widely accepted & widely welcomed. WOMEN COMING OUT OF THE INDUSTRY ARE SUFFERING WITH MANY ISSUES. Drug addiction, to eliminate the reality of what they are doing,alcoholism “quote unquote”, Sexual abuse-rape,molestation, Depression and anxiety over how they have lived their lives and it goes on and on. Why would any man want to be any part of that woman’s depression, alcoholism, drug addiction etc? A man who knows a woman in the X-rated industry will talk down about her because she’s in it, but then go to a strip club or buy dirty magazines. That’s a double standard! This is what we are teaching our current generation of children. To have double standards. So we know what men really think about women that live this kind of lifestyle but yet they still participate in supporting the income (#1 reason women work in this industry not because they like it) Don’t get me wrong here it’s not just these women that are deceived in Sexual immorality women that involve themselves in adulterous affairs are deceived. The ones that flirt until the flirting turns into an affair are deceived to think they could flirt and nothing come out of it.  There is so much in this area that deceives us women. We think we can use our bodies to get what we want-may be true but you always get more than you bargain for and you can take that to the bank.

Gossip and slander is like a favorite pastime of women. I know men talk but women are very loose with their words. What fuels gossip? Jealousy/Envy, it sure does. What’s the point in me knowing what Jane did last night? Especially if it plays no role in helping her or my well-being. Gossip is to bring a person down to the lowest status while puffing self up to a higher regard. What’s attractive about that?? I could go on but I think I proved my point.

I want to help women learn where their worth comes from. I want to encourage them to see things for what they are and step away from what is causing the pain in their lives. I’ve been down a road of pain a portion was handed to me by others but the majority was caused by own doing. If you want off the road to destruction you have to move your feet. Contact me here I don’t have all the answers but I know WHO does!

In Faith~